Mitsubishi Electric MAC-408FT-E Compatible Filters (2 Pack) – With Frames



Activated charcoal black carbon filters compatible with the MAC-408 (MAC-408FT-E) filters for applicable Mitsubishi Electric Mr. Slim M-Series mini-split ductless systems. Direct replacements for the original insert anti-allergy enzyme filters but with a longer life, more effective odour and smoke removal and at a more attractive price point. 3D printed frames that fit into the large blue mesh filters included.

Compatible with the following Mitsubishi Electric wall-mounted indoor evaporator units (other systems might be compatible, please refer to your systems owners manual);

  • Mitsubishi MSZ-GE06NA
  • Mitsubishi MSZ-GE09NA
  • Mitsubishi MSZ-GE12NA
  • Mitsubishi MSZ-GE15NA
  • Mitsubishi MSZ-GE18NA
  • Mitsubishi MSY-GE09NA
  • Mitsubishi MSY-GE12NA
  • Mitsubishi MSY-GE15NA
  • Mitsubishi MSY-GE18NA
  • Mitsubishi MSZ-GL06NA
  • Mitsubishi MSZ-GL09NA
  • Mitsubishi MSZ-GL12NA
  • Mitsubishi MSZ-GL15NA
  • Mitsubishi MSY-GL06NA
  • Mitsubishi MSY-GL09NA
  • Mitsubishi MSY-GL12NA
  • Mitsubishi MSY-GL15NA
  • Mitsubishi MSZ-HE09NA
  • Mitsubishi MSZ-HE12NA
  • Mitsubishi MSZ-HE15NA
  • Mitsubishi MSZ-HE18NA
  • Mitsubishi MSZ-HE24NA
  • Mitsubishi MSZ-HM09NA
  • Mitsubishi MSZ-HM12NA
  • Mitsubishi MSZ-HM15NA
  • Mitsubishi MSZ-HM18NA
  • Mitsubishi MSZ-HM24NA
  • Mitsubishi MSZ-JP09WA
  • Mitsubishi MSZ-JP12WA
  • Mitsubishi MSZ-WR09NA
  • Mitsubishi MSZ-WR12NA
  • Mitsubishi MSZ-WR18NA
  • Mitsubishi MSZ-WR24NA

Color of frames might differ from what is shown.
Replace every six months.
Dimensions: 21 x 3.5 x 0.5 cm (8-1/4 x 1-3/8 x 3/16″).
Two filters included.


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