Mitsubishi Electric MAC-408FT-E Compatible Filters (2 Pack) – No Frames



PLEASE NOTE: NO FRAMES ARE INCLUDED WITH THESE FILTERS. You must already have the small white filter frames that click into the large blue mesh filters. Two filter media strips that fit inside the white frames are included only. Please see our other listings if you require these filters with the insert frames.

Activated charcoal black carbon filters compatible with the MAC-408 (MAC-408FT-E) filters for applicable Mitsubishi Electric Mr. Slim M-Series mini-split ductless systems. Direct replacements for the original blue carbon enzyme filters with a longer life, more effective odour and smoke removal and at a more attractive price point.

Compatible with the following Mitsubishi Electric wall-mounted indoor units (other systems might be compatible, please refer to your systems owners manual);

  • Mitsubishi MSZ-GE06NA
  • Mitsubishi MSZ-GE09NA
  • Mitsubishi MSZ-GE12NA
  • Mitsubishi MSZ-GE15NA
  • Mitsubishi MSZ-GE18NA
  • Mitsubishi MSY-GE09NA
  • Mitsubishi MSY-GE12NA
  • Mitsubishi MSY-GE15NA
  • Mitsubishi MSY-GE18NA
  • Mitsubishi MSZ-GL06NA
  • Mitsubishi MSZ-GL09NA
  • Mitsubishi MSZ-GL12NA
  • Mitsubishi MSZ-GL15NA
  • Mitsubishi MSY-GL06NA
  • Mitsubishi MSY-GL09NA
  • Mitsubishi MSY-GL12NA
  • Mitsubishi MSY-GL15NA
  • Mitsubishi MSZ-HE09NA
  • Mitsubishi MSZ-HE12NA
  • Mitsubishi MSZ-HE15NA
  • Mitsubishi MSZ-HE18NA
  • Mitsubishi MSZ-HE24NA
  • Mitsubishi MSZ-HM09NA
  • Mitsubishi MSZ-HM12NA
  • Mitsubishi MSZ-HM15NA
  • Mitsubishi MSZ-HM18NA
  • Mitsubishi MSZ-HM24NA
  • Mitsubishi MSZ-JP09WA
  • Mitsubishi MSZ-JP12WA
  • Mitsubishi MSZ-WR09NA
  • Mitsubishi MSZ-WR12NA
  • Mitsubishi MSZ-WR18NA
  • Mitsubishi MSZ-WR24NA

Replace every six months.
Dimensions: 21 x 3.5 x 0.5 cm (8-1/4 x 1-3/8 x 3/16″).
Two filter strips are included.


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